Lauren & Angie was born in 2013 after a passion for sustainable fashion began. Owner and designer Lauren discovered the world of sustainable fashion while completing her final year of studying fashion design. After an internship and an end of year collection all based around sustainable/eco friendly fashion she knew this is where her passion lay. With a big idea Lauren & Angie was born.
Over the past few years Lauren & Angie has been growing whilst keeping a sustainable aspect in everything we do.
Lauren & Angie is all about carefree eco-friendly fashion. Our designs are simple and classic so you can work them into your own unique style. Made up of a combination of organic cottons, linens and other eco – friendly/natural fiber fabrics we aim to bring the love back to clothes, that handmade touch that so much of the fashion industry has lost.
Each Lauren & Angie piece has been handmade by us in Geelong, no factories, no mass production just simple clothes with lots of love.
Our overall objective is to create garments from fabrics with as little impact on the earth in a sustainable manner. Stepping away from mass production, bringing back a bit of ‘made with love’ attitude that a lot of the fashion industry has lost, at the same time being conscious of the impact our garments have in all stages of its life. Minimising our waste footprint and maximising a garments lifespan.

Our Practices

All of our designs are made from our home studio. We don’t make huge amounts of stock at any one time, usually a few of each style in different sizes (some designs, usually those made with a more exclusive fabric are made as orders come in). By only doing small runs we can control the amount of stock we have on hand and ensure that we don’t have a lot of excess stock. This also allows us to keep more fabric on the roll rather than as garment and be able to potentially use that unused fabric in new collections.
Our colour palettes tend to use a lot of the same base colours; this allows us to carry over any unused fabric to the next collection, limiting the amount of wasted fabric. We introduce new colours into each season as limited pieces, generally in our more expensive fabrics.


All the organic cotton we use is accredited with ACO (Australian Certified Organic) as well as GOTS certified. The cotton is grown in India on Organic cotton farms; there are no pesticides, genetically modified seeds or synthetic fertilisers used. The fibre is knitted into fabric in Melbourne, Australia.
Other fabric we use such as linen is already a highly eco – friendly fabric. We only use flax linen as this is the true linen fibre (no blends or chemically treated – such as starching), it is a crop that requires very little pest controlling chemicals and water to grow. The entire plant can be used for various products leaving no waste. It is recyclable and biodegradable. All round it’s a pretty amazing fibre and we love Linen.
We always use natural fibres, (the only exception to this is our winter jackets we create each year do have a little polyester in them but never more than 20% of the fabric) natural fibres will biodegrade if thrown away, were a polyester won’t (for a very long time). We try to think about all stages of a garments life.
Another fabric we use is dead stock fabric. We love this option as you get what you can find; often there isn’t a lot of a particular fabric available so it makes a style more exclusive. Using a fabric that no one wants anymore and stopping it going to landfill by turning into something someone can love and treasure is a good feeling.
We are continually looking at new developments in fabrics, fabric suppliers with accreditations and anywhere that we can lessen our impact on the environment with the fabrics we use. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved.

Scrap Fabrics

Currently we are working on creating designs with more focus on a zero waste philosophy. Meaning we create as little scrap fabric (preferably zero) when cutting out our pattern pieces. This isn’t the simplest of tasks but we are working hard towards achieving our zero waste goal.
All the scrap fabric we do create we keep, always looking for ways to reuse them/create something new with them.