Winter '20 Preview

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We had intentions of previewing our upcoming Winter’20 collection at this weekend’s Handmade Canberra market. Unfortunately, the market was cancelled ☹ but…The lovely ladies at Handmade Canberra had a great idea to set up a Virtual Market! And we thought ‘well let’s just show off this winter collection online anyway!!’ So, some quick backyard photos and here it is!
The collection will be up for this weekend only and then taken down until it’s official launch in a few months’ time.

If you made your way her via social media or a google search, be sure to jump over to the Handmade Canberra website and check out the Virtual Market happening right now!
Now more than ever small business need as much support as you can give as we head into this unknown time. If you, like a lot of people are tightening the money belts then that’s understandable, but when all this is over please remember us and come back to visit! Until then, like, share and tell the world about any small business you love 😊
Please excuse my attempt at modelling!
Enjoy the snaps featuring our dog Prada, he loves the camera more then me! 
Lauren xx
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