Who is Angie?

Are you Lauren or Angie?

I have been asked this question so many times I’ve lost count! But when you name a business with two names you’re going to get this question a lot, along with many emails addressed to ‘Hi Lauren + Angie’ or ‘Hi girls/ladies’.

It’s just me, Lauren, one person show, designing, patternmaking, sewing, packing and all the admin work, it’s a lot and probably do need an assistant! 

Who is Angie though? 

My parents would remember Angie more than I do, in fact I don’t really remember her at all! 

When I was three years old my brother went off to big school and I lost a play buddy. I believe it was sometime around here where I created my own friend, Angie. 

3 year old Lauren with brother & dad

I’ve been told that Angie had to come everywhere with us and I was always making everyone stop and wait for Angie to catch up, I think Angie might have been a bit of a dawdler! 

It would seem we were inseparable. 

When it came to naming the business I originally wanted ‘Lauren Kate’, Kate being my middle name but I couldn’t have that name when trying to register it. 

It was mum who remembered Angie and thought to use it in the name, it seemed fitting that she come along for this ride as well, even if it is just in spirit.

Thanks for reading :) 

Lauren x


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