Lauren + Angie the why

I started Lauren + Angie 5 years ago. I was frustrated trying to get a job after completing my Tafe degree, I needed something to do and knew I wanted to create good, honest clothes.

There used to be a craftsmanship to making clothes. There wasn’t wardrobes exploding with garments, it was less about the quantity of clothes you had and more about the longevity of a garment. Fast fashion has bought cheap to our wardrobes, it’s brought a throw away society. I wanted to create clothes that showed that someone actually cared about that garment, that it wasn’t made on a production line - just maybe a mini production line, that consists of one living room, a couple of tables, 1 sewing machine, 1 over locker and floor space.


Lauren + Angie Studio Space


When I look back at the intentions I had for this adventure, they haven’t exactly gone the way I thought they would. That’s what business is, sometimes I feel it tells you where it should be going.  Like any small business there’s highs and lows, many hours of work with little reward. I started with small markets every weekend, soon I got tired of spending the weeks prepping for markets and then weekends at markets with little to show for it in the bank. I branched out and started doing the bigger two or three day markets in Melbourne and interstate once a month, or every couple of months depending when they fell. This was better for business and better for me.

First MarketOne of my most recent markets

I have days when I question every single thing I am doing. Am I just adding to the global fashion problem by introducing another clothing business? Can I truly stand behind my brand when I am so conscious myself about not buying items I don’t need. My biggest fear is being a hypocrite.

But, there is always the bright side, knowing what I do is completely different to mainstream fashion, I buy fabric in small amounts, each piece is sewn by me, I keep stock levels low only increasing for markets, I strive to use all natural fibres that will break down and I don’t design following trends, rather looking towards styles that are timeless.

This coming winter the Lauren + Angie collection will be made up of 80% deadstock fabric. Which makes those pieces limited, and more special because you will know exactly how many of that style are out there. That makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing that I’ve used something that already exists in the world.

When I look back at where I started, it’s come along way, from starting in my bedroom with basic ideas to now a living room with better fabrics, ideas and branding. Next stop is a separate studio space that isn’t a lounge room or part of a bedroom….maybe a shop? who knows :)

Who we are

No we are not 2 people, it’s just me Lauren. Angie was my imaginary friend from when I was 3. I design, make up all the patterns, cut, sew and package up all your garments.

What we stand for

Lauren + Angie stands for quality over quantity, we stand for creating wearable pieces that can be worn over and over each passing year. I love the craftsmanship behind a well made garment and that’s what I like to showcase in a Lauren + Angie piece. There is no factories or mass production involved in sewing Lauren + Angie pieces.

What we strive towards

We strive towards creating a better future, a cleaner future a less over consumed future. If you only ever buy 1 Lauren + Angie piece because that’s the only piece you truly loved, and knew you would wear  over and over, I am ok with that. I don’t want people to buy something they kinda like but deep down know they probably will only wear it once. I want people to have many adventures in our clothes, take them far and wide, make memories and tell stories when you pull it out of your closet.

If I can contribute to changing people's way of thinking about the items in their wardrobes, and go back to appreciating the value in a well made garment then I feel I’ve done something right.


Very first Summer collectionCurrent Summer Collection


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